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Nuts and Bolts: Custom Card Requests, Holiday Ready?

September 21, 2018

Nuts & Bolts – Custom Card Requests, Holiday Ready?
The holidays will be here sooner than we realize!  Shoppers are beginning to look for that perfect holiday card.  Custom card requests are on the rise.  Are you ready?


Please be sure to check your Manage Custom Requests tool for requests.  Put it on your daily to do list, or even set an alarm.  Otherwise you may be missing out on sales opportunities.


We are seeing holiday card custom requests coming in and they are for larger quantities: 150, 250, 500, etc.  Opportunities you do not want to miss!


See these Custom Card Request blog postings for more info and tips.


Here is a recent custom request by GCU artist Tam Moody:
Shopper request:
Birthday card design for elementary students. School Bus and on side read Owasso Public Schools showing 46 near stop sign similar to card 1502484 that I previously ordered. Children hanging out of windows holding on to Birthday Balloons. Inside card read wishing you a Happy Birthday in different colors.  With a male driver, please.


Thank you, Tam, for forging a strong relationship with this shopper who continues to purchase school bus themed cards from you and GCU since 2015!


Tip: Remember custom requested cards can be set for FastTrack review.  Just leave the reviewer a little note like “for a shopper’s request”.


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager

Wanted New Cards: Congratulations Head Pupil

September 20, 2018

wanted new cards head

Wanted Cards – Congratulations Head Pupil


Accolades and special recognition at school are reasons to celebrate!  In some schools, students are voted or appointed as Head Boy or Head Girl sometimes genericized to Head Pupil. Any important role representing the student body, acting role models, and a link between teachers, administration and pupils.  Similar to class presidents in the U.S., these are elementary, middle and high schools aged students.


See here for related information.

Please consider creating cards for this new category for all 3 which will all reside in the same catchall category:
Occasions >> Congratulations >> Student Leadership Position >> Head Pupil / Head Boy / Head Girl


Please note there are other titles in the parent category in need of cards like Student Body President, Form, House, and School Captain.


Freebie Wednesday: Pirate Themed Kids Clip-Art

September 19, 2018

Freebie Wednesday:


As today is talk like a pirate day, we have found a very appropriate freebie for you. Creative Fabrica offers free Pirate Themed Kids Clip-Art (26 hand painted elements in PNG (transparent background) in high quality 300dpi resolution). The offer is available for 2 more days, so better hurry!



This product comes with a complete commercial license.


Rainbow Connection: Pantone Color Trends Spring/Summer 2019 (part 2)

September 18, 2018



Each season the team at the Pantone Color Institute creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report; a color overview highlighting the top colors fashion designers showing at NY Fashion Week will be featuring in their collections for the upcoming season. With color on the catwalk a key indicator of the color stories we can expect to see showing up across all areas of design, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is your easily accessible guide to the season’s most important color trends.

PANTONE 14-2808
Sweet Lilac
An endearing pink infused lavender, Sweet Lilac’s easy and gentle manner quietly charms.



PANTONE 19-1862
Jester Red
Adding depth and intensity, Jester Red combines rich elegance with urbanity.




PANTONE 13-0850
Aspen Gold
Brightening our day, sunny Aspen Gold stimulates feelings of joy and good cheer.





Nuts and Bolts: Dedicate Yourself to the Details V

September 14, 2018


Nuts & Bolts – Dedicate Yourself to the Details V
Dedicate yourself to the details.  Strive for quality.  Create a design and work it a few different ways to see what looks best.  The same goes for a verse.  Let the words flow and take it a few different ways, then boil it down to one that resonates best with the image and occasion.


The majority of people do not hit the nail on the head on the first try.  You should let concepts and designs marinate.  Give them ample time and attention to be the best that they can be.  Get feedback from others as well.  Sometimes we’re too close or married to it to be objective.


Here is a wonderful example of a re-worked card by artist Angela Castillo of FairyGirlCards, dedicated to improvement, marketability and attention to detail:



The reviewer’s request:


1. ELLIPSIS USAGE – The correct punctuation when using an ellipsis is to leave a space after the last word and before the ellipsis, or vice versa at the beginning of a continuation of a sentence. For example ”I was just thinking … ” or ”… about your birthday” Including a space in between each mark ”. . .” as well as no spaces in between ”…” are both allowable and most importantly ellipses ALWAYS consist of exactly 3 marks – no more, no less. If you end your cover verse with an ellipsis you should begin your inside verse with an ellipsis as it indicates that the card front sentence finishes on the inside verse. An ellipsis should not be used to continue a sentence that both starts and ends on the card front. Lastly note, the first word following an ellipsis, and the required space, should begin with a lowercase letter unless the first word is a proper name or the pronoun I.  Please see 

2. TYPOGRAPHY – Text Placement The text on this card lacks professionalism, therefore no longer meets our marketability standards. Please be sure your font choice, font color, text placement, text effects and legibility of the text are all up to our marketability standards. For examples and tips, visit these links:

Please edit your cover text and re-submit for our re-review. Thank you.



Well done, Angela! With the shaded text box, the cover text really shines and is so much easier to read.



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


Wanted New Cards: Loss of Mother during Childbirth

September 13, 2018

wanted new cards head

Wanted Cards: Loss of Mother during Childbirth


Surprisingly the maternal mortality rate in the U.S. is quite high. It is a horrible thought but it’s a reality.  Moms die during childbirth for a variety of reasons.  There are instances when the baby survives, and times when the baby does not survive.  Friends and family struggle to find the right words during such a time of profound grief and loss.


Greeting cards with an extra special caring touch will help people find the right words to reach out and extend comfort and concern to those impacted.

Please consider creating cards for the following new categories with all of them having many relation specific subcategories:



Please do some research online about the issues, emotions and desires of bereaved family members during these difficult times.  There are many good resources like this article on maternal mortality and this on dad raising quads.


Please use great care and sensitivity creating these cards.  The reviewers will be accomodating on verses and not require them to be so literal as long as they speak to the occasion, sentiment and relation accordingly.



Freebie Wednesday: Wild Creatures Font

September 12, 2018

Freebie Wednesday:


Wild Creatures Font (designed by Ana’s Font) is a beautiful brush font and totally free for the rest of this week!




This product comes with a complete commercial license.


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