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Dash of Inspiration – August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

A Dash of Inspiration…A Cup of Creativity by Doreen

Paintings Can Be Inspiration

When I have the time, I love to go in search of artists whose work I’ve not encountered before.  I find this a wonderful way to be inspired to create something new, try a new technique or even paint a subject I’ve never considered tackling.  This week I thought I’d share some links to inspire you, regardless of your medium or level of skill, you most probably will find something in these links that touches your artistic spirit and sparks the flame of creativity.

First here is an amazing collection of 35 paintings created using traditional methods, but with a modern feel to the creative spirit behind the tools.

Here are four extraordinary talents I had the pleasure of stumbling on this past week.  All very different in their style, but each offering a collection of art that just amazes me and hopefully you too.

The Artwork of Jeff Haynie

Dianne Parks –LouisianaArt

Halstenberg Fine Art

Jo Lynch – Whimzicals™

I found this interesting article from Focal Point on their thoughts of Traditional Painting vs. Digital Painting.  There is not right or wrong opinion on the subject.  I am one who embraces both with equal respect, for I believe it is the artist behind the tools that create great art, not the tools themselves. Lastly, I found this very well done tutorial for those who wish to explore painting using digital tools.

Here’s to a week of creativity!

Image - "Boy Thinker", Terry Staton

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  1. August 29, 2011 9:04 am

    Hi Doreen – thank you for taking so much trouble to provide such a wonderful array of paintings to feast our eyes on!

    I’ve heard other artists say that they actively avoid looking at other people’s work because it’s difficult not to be influenced by it – and I know that feeling myself! But, as ever with things artistic, it’s not really that straightforward and I think we are bound to be influenced, if only subconsciously and that can actually help our work to evolve.

    On the subject of ‘Traditional vs Digital’ art, it has all sorts of ramifications, as I found when I wrote a blog post about it myself – and feelings run high! I’ve recently added my wacom tablet to my ‘toolbox’ but here are Seven Artists’ Reasons Not to go Digital that might be of interest::

  2. August 29, 2011 9:09 am

    BTW, in case anyone is interested, here’s the blog post about being influenced by looking at other artists’ work:

  3. Kati Cheldelin permalink
    August 29, 2011 1:41 pm

    Thanks Doreen for your dash. Appreciate your time and the inspiration you share. Had a great morning perusing your cup if creativity. Much food for thought and creating. As a traditionally trained artist, I am totally intrigued with the new (to me) digital medium.

  4. August 29, 2011 2:24 pm

    Thank you for the inspiration, Doreen. This makes me want to play and see if I can work with some of my drawings and artwork on the computer 🙂

  5. August 31, 2011 10:43 pm

    Doreen, Thank you for sharing these links, very helpful and inspirational.
    Thank you for all your help! Janet Lee

  6. January 30, 2012 11:12 pm

    Thank you very much Doreen for the comment. I myself is also a traditional artist but my day job as an illustrator/animator teaches me different new things such as digital painting. And I admit, I am starting to like it. But of course, no one beats the good old smell of dried oil paint on canvass and the fascination of every people who sees it.
    Thank you very much again.

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