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Inspiration Station: Finding New Colors

August 9, 2012

As designers and artists, colors are important. Color can convey mood, create a backdrop for an amazing graphic, or draw a shopper’s attention. Color can make or break a card. So today I’ll let you in on where to find new colors and choose new palettes to work with. The surprising solution? Think interior decorating!

Paint manufacturers have to keep up with the latest trends in interior and exterior colors. These online sites often have resources that allow customers to view colors either singly or in combination. You can take advantage of these features to pick up new colors and new color palettes for your greeting card designs.

Sherwin Williams Color Palettes
Gorgeous colors you can save individually that will give you many possible combinations. The colors are organized by theme, so while each theme offers many different colors, they all go together.

Certa Pro Paints
Beautiful palettes that come in very handy, indeed. This site’s one of my favorites. They add new palettes every “season” containing trendy color schemes.

Pratt and Lambert Color Collection
Large color palettes – can be up to 40 colors in one palette – which are all coordinated together. Very handy.

True Value Idea Cards
Scroll through collections to find colors and color combinations.

Further search suggestions: historic paint colors, interior paint color schemes, paint color combinations. Have fun!


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  1. August 15, 2012 9:19 am

    many thanks for color links!

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