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Rainbow Connection: Valentine’s Day

September 26, 2012

Since many artists work ahead of any given holidays – typically 3-6 months – it’s time to turn your creative thoughts to Valentine’s Day, one of the major card giving occasions in the calendar. According to the Research Marketing and Advertising Association, Americans alone send more than 180 million cards on Valentine’s Day.

We all know reds and pinks are instantly recognizable as Valentine’s Day colors. A modern twist adds a strong accent of blue and pale green. The big trend for Valentine’s Day 2013 will be ROMANCE, so think about how romantic you can be with your designs.

Up first is a thoroughly modern color palette for trendy Cupids and a more traditional palette beneath. Have fun!



As always, these are RGB colors. I’ve given you the hex numbers to make it easy to use these colors in your favorite graphics editing program, or you can simply save the palettes to your own hard drive.

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  1. September 26, 2012 4:25 pm

    Thanks Corrie, pretty colors.

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