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GCU News: Call for Uncommon Cards

September 27, 2012

In case you haven’t seen Mindy’s recent post on the GCU Forum, here it is:

“Kodak, our partner for Target in-store printing, will be doing some marketing of Greeting Card Universe and “any card imaginable”.  They will be leading with some of our more unusual and uncommon cards, specifically the following.  We do not expect big sales on these specific cards but used as attention- getters for the overall campaign.

If interested, please consider creating cards for any of these occasions.  They should go in Collections >> National & International Days, some with their own subcategories and the others should go in >> Other:

–      National Thank You Day
–      World Teachers’ Day (different than teacher appreciation day)
–      Do Something Nice Day
–      National Sandwich Day
–      Sadie Hawkins Day
–      World AIDS Day
–      National Cookie Day
–      National Taco Day
–      National Grouch Day
–      Cranky Co-worker Day
–      National Have a Bad Day Day
–      Black Friday
–      Santa’s List Day
–      Christmas Card Day
–      Regifting Day

As well as cards for:
Holidays >> Devil’s Night / Hell Night / Mischief Night

To expedite the review of these cards please check “Fast Track Review” on the Card Image Details page when you create your card.”


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  1. September 30, 2012 4:02 pm

    Corrie, I posted the link from a website that gives the dates of most of these. I have submitted one for the Christmas Card Day Category

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