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Inspiration Station: 2013 Non-Traditional Holidays

October 17, 2012

As many artists are aware, in the U.S., we tend to have non-traditional “holidays” and observances for many different occasions  some of which are pretty zany, such as “National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week” or “Fruitcake Toss Day.” Granted, many of these special holidays aren’t really card giving occasions,  but there are opportunities here for clever artists to do some easy marketing and increase their sales potential.

If you have a blog, do a post about a wacky holiday and tie it in to your cards. Such as, “National Hugging Day” you could promote “Thinking of You” or “Missing You” cards. During “Family Reunion Month” promote family reunion, picnic, pool party, and other party invitations. You get the idea. Don’t forget to share on social media sites, too.

Write a Squidoo lenx, a Weebly or Wix page (or use another free service) using one of these non-traditional holidays, and add relevant greeting cards and links. Informative content will get indexed by search engines lickety-split.  Relevant content is the key, but you should have no trouble tying your article with appropriate card designs.

Here are a few places you can go for inspiration and information. Have fun!

Holidays 2012-2013
A very comprehensive site if you’re looking for non-traditional holidays. Each month listed will give you the monthly observances (such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month), weekly, and daily. Not a lot of information beyond the dates, but certainly an excellent jumping off point.

Jewish Holidays Calendar 2012-2013
The Jewish faith uses a lunar calendar to calculate holy days, which means the dates change every year. While these are traditional religious holidays, I list this resource for artists who’d like to create cards beyond the usual.
Create free webpages on the subject of your choice. A little knowledge of HTML will help. Be sure to use the “Sell This Card” code from GCU when you’re creating links.

Top 20 Ways to Share a Great Blog Post
Have you written a great post? Want to promote it? This article from Mashable is full of tips.

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  1. October 17, 2012 1:12 pm

    your link to Mashable is my project for the day…thanks

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