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Tips and Tricks: Sources and Credit

April 24, 2013

Sources and Credit

Notes to Reviewers is a very important tool artists should be using to communicate with the Review Team. This is your chance to help ensure your cards aren’t Returned for Edits or Held by relaying necessary information.

Every single card using 3rd party graphics (even if those graphics are in the public domain) should have a link to the source in the Notes to Reviewer. Even if it’s your own work, a quick note like “artist’s own work” will suffice.

Why go to the trouble? Because if reviewers have to play detective and track down the 3rd party source and Terms of Use to make sure copyright hasn’t been violated, it takes time. Time that could be better spent reviewing cards, thus cutting down review times.

Why put notes on every card in a series if they’re all from the same place? Because the group of cards you submitted aren’t all necessarily worked on by a single reviewer. Groups of cards can be split among several reviewers, and they all need the information to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Why do reviewers care where graphics came from? Because GCU is legally liable for intellectual property ¬†violations on cards for sale on their site. To protect their business – and yours – they’ve made the investment in a team of reviewers.

Why should you care about making the reviewers jobs easier? Because when reviewers need to take less time per card searching the Internet and doing research, they’ll have more time to review cards, reducing review times for everyone.

If you’re unclear on what kind of information you should be including in the Notes to Reviewer or aren’t sure how to understand Terms of Use, here’s are some very helpful posts you can find on this blog:

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