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News: New Cards Misdirected to Category

September 11, 2013

In case anyone hasn’t heard, there’s a glitch on GCU affecting new cards. When the image of the card is clicked, instead of going to the card’s detail page, the shopper is sent to the category page. GCU is aware of the problem and working to correct it. In most cases, the new card only suffers from a 3-hour delay before correcting. Mindy has come up with a work-around for artists creating custom cards for shoppers – see below for details.

To reiterate:

  1. The problem affects new cards only
  2. The misdirection usually lasts about 3 hours before correcting
  3. GCU is working on a fix
  4. See below for a work-around

Here’s what Mindy had to say in her Forum post:

“Temporarily you may notice that newly approved cards when clicked on go to the related category page, not the card details page.  We are working on rectifying this.

In most situations this is not a problem.  However if your shopper is chomping at the bit you can provide them a link directly to your card via this method:
1. enter the pid# in the onsite search   (ex: #564967)
2. share the URL of the resulting page with the shopper
3. direct the shopper to use the Personalize button or icon (pencil) or Add to Cart button or icon (cart) under the image thumbnail vs clicking on the card image.  Alternatively they can use the Quick View and the Personalize or Add to Cart options from there as well.

Again, we are finding this delay is auto-corrected in 3 hours or less.

Thank you for your patience!”

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