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Inspiration Station: More 2014 Trends

October 10, 2013

Checking Pinterest for design inspiration is always a good idea since you’ll rarely ever come up with no results for a search, especially on design trends. However, there’s also something to be said for checking on what experts think will be the hot trends of 2014, especially in the gift/greeting industry. If nothing else, you may find new colors or new design inspiration in these articles.

G&G Review: Colour, Print, and Pattern Trends for 2014
Yes, it’s UK based, but still relevant if you want to try a new look in your card designs.

Paperworld: Trends 2014-2015
A few interesting colors and color schemes.

Emily Kiddy: Girls Trends Spring/Summer 2014
Get some ideas here for color combos and feminine designs.

Wedding Stationery Trends 2014
Get a jump on next year’s bridal needs.

Greeting Card Association: Tips for Greeting Card Writers and Artists
The U.S. trade association gives expert advice.


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