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Tips and Tricks: Creating Ribbon Banners

October 29, 2013

Creating Ribbon Banners

Ribbon banners like the one you see in the card example above (“Do Not Wait”) remain popular design elements. You can buy or sometimes download free CU4CU brushes or vector sets with these elements, but you could also learn to do it yourself. Here are links to some helpful tutorials that we hope will inspire and help you in your design work.

We haven’t found tutorials for PSP  or Gimp. If anybody has a link, please let us know in the comments. Thanks! And everybody else, have fun.

Cheat at Photoshop: Drawing Ribbons (video)

How to Make a Simple Banner/Ribbon in Photoshop (video)

Creating a Banner in Photoshop

10 Great Ribbon Tutorials in Photoshop

How to Make a Straight Ribbon Banner in Illustrator (video)

Ribbon/Banner Effect in Corel Draw

Creating Basic Shapes in Corel Draw (video)

How to Draw a Banner in Six Simple Steps (old school, baby!)

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