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Tips and Tricks: Layout Ideas

January 2, 2014

Layout Ideas

Welcome to a new year! We hope your creative juices are bubbling over and you’re ready to make a start on fresh designs in your store. Let’s get started…

One of the things that can make or break a card design is Composition. The layout of each element MUST work as a whole to be pleasing to the eye, otherwise no matter how good the photo/illustration, no matter how clever the text, your design will flop.

Even the smallest element out of place a hairsbreadth is jarring. You really do have to pay attention to the details. In addition, part of being a good designer is staying aware of what’s going on so you can take advantage of trends and new ideas.

To help inspire your layouts, we’ve got some links for you below.

Pinterest logo vector - Free download vector logo of Pinterest

Handmade Cards & Layout Ideas
It’s always eye-opening to see what the crafters are up to. An excellent way to seek out potentially good selling designs. This will also give examples of imaginative layouts.

Cards: Layout Ideas
This one includes some layout templates to inspire you.

Card Layout
A little bit of everything.

Card Inspiration
Lots of examples and inspiration to be found here.

And now a final TIP:
Apart from the general cards like birthdays and Christmas, make a resolution to create cards for lesser known categories. Take advantage of age/relationship/occupation specific categories too. Leverage your designs as far as you can go. Success depends on variety!

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