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Nuts and Bolts: Changing Front of Card Image

July 16, 2014

Sometimes an artist wants to refresh and update an older card’s design, address previous flaws, or wishes to change the image on the front of a previously approved card. The Review Team periodically goes through artist’s stores and will delete  older cards that no longer fit the Submission Guidelines, so doing some cleaning and revising yourself is always a good idea.

Revising older designs not only breathes new life into your card collection, it can also result in increased sales. By changing the front of card image (as opposed to deleting the card in favor of a new design) you can keep the card’s stats intact.

Here’s a basic primer on how to do it and some rules to follow.

The Rules
You may change a card’s image to:

  • Correct spelling/grammar errors
  • Improve/clean up a so-so photograph
  • Update an older design provided the occasion and/or relationship/occupation/etc. specific purpose of the card remains the same. Artists are unable to alter categories after a card has been submitted, so you can’t change a Birthday card to a Mother’s Day card as that would require a change of category. In that case, create and upload a new card
  • Make improvements to layout, color, font choice, etc
  • Change the date (for date specific cards in New Year’s Eve or Graduation categories, for example)

How To Change the Front of Card Image

  • Log in to GCU
  • Upload the new card design you want to use
  • Go to Manage Store
  • Choose Images & Cards > Manage Cards
  • Look on the left side of the page. You can search for the card by 1) PID#, 2) Keyword, 3) Status, 4) Card Front
  • Once you have completed your search and have the result, click Edit
  • Beneath the large image of the card, you’ll see Change Image
  • Click the link to choose the updated image you uploaded earlier
  • Don’t forget to Save Changes when you’re finished

The GCU Wiki: ” If you are doing this as part of an EDIT and RESUBMIT prior to a card being approved, you will have to find the updated card by doing a search in Manage Cards for EDIT and RESUBMIT cards (Note: Use the menu on the left to select a search by Status). When you do this a RESUBMIT button will accompany the card so that you can resubmit the card for final review.”


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