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Tips and Tricks: New Categories Need Cards

August 7, 2014

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GCU has added some new categories:

Occasions >> Thank You >> Surrogacy / Donation / Fertility
>> Egg Donor
>> Sperm Donor
>> Surrogate Mother
Father’s Day >> For Sperm Donor
Mother’s Day >> For Surrogate Mother
>> For Egg Donor
 >> For Sperm Donor
>> For Surrogate Mother
Christmas, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving
>> For Surrogate Mother
Before you dash off to your computer and begin designing, let me emphasize the very sensitive nature of these type of cards. Slapping “Happy Birthday Sperm Donor” on a greeting card isn’t going to cut it, so put the easy option out of your mind.
First, you need to do some research and get inspiration for what kind of message you should be composing. The better the card resonates with shoppers’ needs, the more chance you have to make a sale.
Here are some links to help you get started:
Gratitude From Women – A small collection of notes from women to their egg donors.
Thank You Letters to Our Sperm Donors – Exactly what it says in the title.
Words From the Heart – A few letters to surrogate mothers.
Thank You Letter to Our Egg Donor – Very inspirational.
  • Use “Surrogate” and “Donor” when addressing the recipient. Make the role clear in the inside text
  • Put yourself in the shopper’s places. If you were sending this card to someone, what would you say?
  • Don’t use crude or crass humor or insensitive language
  • Use your Artist’s Notes wisely
Happy creating!
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  1. August 8, 2014 7:04 pm

    Another great example of uncommon cards that will help people express an important sentiment when they are not quite sure what to say. This is where GCU and our artists can really shine!

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