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Inspiration Station: Hanukkah Inspiration

August 12, 2014

While you’re working on your holiday designs, don’t forget about Hanukkah. In 2014, this major Jewish holiday begins on December 16 and ends on December 24. Since the days of Hanukkah are calculated each year using a lunar calendar, the dates will change annually. If you don’t know about Hanukkah already, here are some resources that will help.

What Is Hanukkah?

Judaism 101: Hanukkah

If you’re going to create Hanukkah cards, be culturally sensitive. Do your homework. Use the correct themes, colors, etc. Avoid traditional Christmas imagery like reindeer, ornaments, trees, Santa, etc. Hanukkah is NOT “Jewish Christmas.”

The Hanukkah menorah—called a hanukkiyah—has a very specific shape of 9 branches. Other designs specific to Hanukkah include the Star of David, dreidel, 9 candles, gelt, and the colors blue and white.

Need some help coming up with verse? Check out What to Write in Hanukkah Cards for ideas.

Here are some places you can find inspiration for designing your own Hanukkah cards this year:

Pinterest logo vector - Free download vector logo of Pinterest

Hanukkah Cards

Hannukah – Smudge Art Gallery

Hanukkah – Greeting Cards & Decorations

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