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Tips and Tricks: New Category – Sympathy for Suicide

August 14, 2014


Greeting Card Universe has created a new category with all the relevant sub-categories.

Occasions > Sympathy > Suicide

New designs for this category can be Fast Tracked at the moment. In the Notes to Reviewers, just add “Fast Tracked per Mindy for new category.”

Before you jump into designing mode, be aware that this is a topic requiring much sensitivity on your part. Some research will be required to ensure you set the right tone. Here are some resources which will help you:

Help For Those Grieving a Suicide

Support After Suicide

Sympathy Card Wording for a Suicide Death

Expressing Sympathy to the Family of a Suicide Victim

Reaching Out to Survivors of a Suicide Victim

Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors

Suicide Survivors: How the Clergy Can Help You or Hurt You


  • Don’t be preachy.
  • Don’t speculate as to the reasons why someone has committed suicide.
  • Regardless of your personal beliefs, in Christian themed cards, don’t question whether the victim is in Heaven or Hell.
  • Also in Christian themed cards, avoid “suicide is a sin” and Bible verses that purport this belief. Choose comforting the grieving over being judgmental.
  • Don’t use the phrase “committed suicide.” More acceptable phrases are, “took his/her own life,” “lost a loved one by suicide,” or “his/her death by suicide.”

Above all, be sensitive and respectful. If you aren’t sure and want a second opinion, you can submit your card to our weekend Critique Clinic.

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  1. Mindy Rosso permalink
    August 20, 2014 8:02 pm

    Perfect, thank you! Mindy

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