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Tips and Tricks: Star Submitter

February 19, 2015

You Can Be a Star … Submitter!

Every card submitted at Greeting Card Universe goes through a review process to ensure the design meets GCU’s submission and marketability standards. Of course, this takes time. It’s hard waiting to learn the fate of new designs. Will the be Accepted? Declined? Returned for Edits? Or will the remain Pending a while?

Is there a way to speed up the waiting time? Yes. If you want your cards approved quickly, you should work toward achieving Star Submitter status.

What’s a Star Submitter? An artist who achieves this status may Fast Track all cards, gaining expedited reviews.

Who Chooses Star Submitters? The Review Team nominates artists whom they believe fit the criteria below.

How Do I Become a Star Submitter? An artist must show – consistently – that their card designs meet marketability standards and conform to GCU’s submission guidelines, contain no spelling or grammatical errors, and avoid mistakes such as design elements over the margin and trim lines. They must use correct and relevant keywords and categories, create good titles and product descriptions in their Artist’s Notes. They must give reviewers all relevant information in their Notes to Reviewer and basically do everything right from the get-go. To become a Star Submitter, learn the rules. Study the GCU Wiki. Understand the guidelines and standards. Make certain your images and verse fit the occasion.

What Do I Get As a Star Submitter? Expedited reviews. All cards are Fast Tracked, so you don’t have to wait long for your new cards to be approved.

Who Can Become a Star Submitter? Anyone! If you apply yourself – that’s the key. Star Submitter status is a reward for artists who have invested their time into mastering the “art” of GCU.

How Do I know When I’ve Become a Star Submitter? When you’re in the process of uploading your card, you’ll see text already in the Note to Reviewer field that says: “I am a Star Submitter so please expedite the review of this card.” Don’t delete the note! You will also find the Fast Track option has been checked. Don’t change it! As a Star Submitter, your submissions receive expedited reviews via Fast Track.

Star Submitters must still follow all Submission Guidelines. They must also continue to include links to website/TOU of any 3rd party elements in their designs.

So if you want faster review times, reduce the errors in your card designs, don’t make silly spelling mistakes, stay in the margins, and learn (and apply) the Submission Guidelines. And perhaps one day, you can be a Star Submitter too!

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