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Dash of Inspiration: Marketing Monday

February 23, 2015

A Dash of Inspiration, A Cup of Creativity by Doreen Marketing Monday

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is difficult for most of us, as it’s an every-changing world. Fortunately for all of us GCU artists, we really don’t have to understand all that goes into making SEO successful for our cards. All we have to do is trust Greeting Card Universe who pays for experts in this field to advise and lead GCU in the right direction so that our cards are seen by search engines and receive the best ranking possible.

That means – YOU – the artist, if you want to actually sell your cards, MUST step up to the plate and take full advantage of the tips GCU has given us on how to best add that now necessary unique content, when we create our cards. This will ensure our ‘descriptive attributes’ serve us as well as possible, both on site and on external search engines.

For searches on the GCU site by customers, you need to have excellent keywords which accurately and fully represent your card, as well as; a strong Card Title – which is also a searchable field. For external searches, it’s all about the fresh, unique content that will make the difference between your card being IGNORED by Google or brought to the front of the search index. That unique content is our Card Description (Artist Notes).

Here is a great article on the blog – Nuts and Bolts Uniqueness Artist Notes SEO – which is a must read for those serious about selling their cards.


Today I wanted to give some visual examples that will help you see this now necessary step in today’s online world for those artists who want to sell you cards. After all, if you’ve put the effort into creating a marketable greeting card, don’t you want to sell it?

Remember this? Card Submissions 101 – It still applies, although the uniqueness factor is a new tool since this document, but it’s still good to refresh your mind with the basics of Card Title, Keywords and Card Description (Artist Notes) should look like. This PDF is the perfect tool to keep open while you fill in the card submission form at GCU as a check list.

On the following examples, I’ve shared my Card Titles, Keywords and Description (Artist Notes) for a visual reference so you can see how to fill these fields when you create your submissions. Remember also, that old cards need this extra effort as well. Take the time every day to pull up a handful of your old cards and ensure that your Card Titles, Keywords and Artist Notes (Card Description) are the best they can be – you’ll start to see more sales when your cards actually are picked up by external search engines.  Remember poor content = being ignored by Google.

And … though there should be no reason to remind you, remember that you are only hurting yourself by adding descriptive words, occasions, holidays and relations to any of these fields which do not directly apply to that specific card.


My Card Title: Coach’s Birthday | Football Theme | Players on the Field | Custom

My Keywords: birthday,birthdays,coach,coach’s birthday,football coach,football themed,football,football players,team,football team,quarterback,mvp, tackle, lineman, score, game, sports, sporting,grass,crowd,scoreboard, custom, personalize

My Description: What better way to wish your football coach Happy Birthday, then to add his name as the MVP on the scoreboard of this personalized Birthday Card? He’s sure to call a time out for a great celebration when he see the crowd cheering for a great game day! Many thanks to Dianaz Designz, Karen’s Scraps, and Pixel Scrapper for the use of their elements to create this football themed greeting card.


My Card Title: Pet Sympathy for the Loss of a Cat, Orange Tabby Painting
Note: Who is the card for? General categories means the card serves anyone for that occasion, so the WHO is the card for question does not apply, nor should the Card Title include text such as; ‘all occasion’, ‘anyone’, etc.- Instead focus on: What is the Occasion? Loss of a Cat – What is the Subject/Theme? Orange Tabby Pet Sympathy

My Keywords: cat,cats,feline,felines,pets,pet loss,pet sympathy,loss of a cat,tabby,orange tabby,condolences,loss of a pet,orange,blue,sleeping,painting,oil painting,digital oils,hibiscus,soft,sweet

My Description: This original digital oil painting by the artist is from a photograph by Bosela at Morguefile and features a beautiful orange tabby cat sleeping on a velvety blue sofa. The feline is surrounded by a hibiscus flower border in matching blues and orange hues making this pet sympathy card the perfect choice to add your message of condolence on the loss of a pet cat.


My Card Title: Veterinary Graduate Congratulations | Custom Graduating Pets

My Keywords: veterinary,veterinarian,animal doctor,congratulations,new vet,veterinary graduate,graduation,graduate,graduating,dog,dogs,cat,cats,terrier,dalmatian,puppy,bulldog,tabby,kitten,blue,red,cute,pets,cats and dogs,custom,personalized

My Description: There’s a new vet in town, who just graduated from Veterinary School, and these cute cats and dogs dressed in graduation caps are ready to congratulate the graduate when you personalize the front of this card with the name of the new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). The new Veterinarian is sure to smile when he or she sees these pets, and reads your message of congratulations!


Later in the week we’ll announce the winners of February’s Challenge and then next Monday, March 2nd we’ll kick off our third challenge, so be sure to keep tuned in!


So until next week … Learn … Create … Inspire

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  1. paintedcottages permalink
    February 23, 2015 4:18 pm

    Creative Writing is so important, to what we do!

  2. February 26, 2015 10:12 pm

    This is key and what we may often call card “metadata”. If you do not take the time and attention to craft descriptive, unique and relevant titles, keywords & artist notes (that serves as a product description) it’s like only doing half of the job. It can be the difference in your card being found by a searching shopper and purchased or not.

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