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Tips and Tricks: Gimp Scripts and Plug-Ins

March 11, 2015

GIMP is free digital editing software, an alternative to Photoshop. Instead of Actions, GIMP uses scripts and plug-ins which work in a similar way. Basically, like an Action, a GIMP script is a set of pre-programmed steps that can be used over and over again to create a certain specific effect.

If you work with GIMP, here’s where you can find some nifty Scripts and Plug-Ins to add to your digital toolbox as well as some advice:

How to Find and Use Scripts in GIMP

How To Use Scripts and Plug-Ins

GIMP Plug=In Registry
The official spot for both Scripts and Plug-Ins. You will have to register before you browse.

GIMP Scripts and Plug-Ins on DeviantART

GIMP Scripts

.Just like anything else created by a third party, check the Terms of Use (TOU)/licensing information to ensure you are in compliance.

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