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Inspiration Station: Hottest Design Trends 2015

May 20, 2015


If you’re looking for the cutting edge of trendy artistic design, we’ve got the scoop right here! Incorporating trends into your work not only brings freshness to your art, it’ll attract shoppers’ attention. Don’t forget proper keywords and product descriptions – these are your most important marketing basics.


watercolor example

Watercolors in every hue are extremely hot! Incorporate a watercolor background or watercolor elements. Check around for watercolor textures, brushes, even programs that allow you to convert text into a watercolor effect (but before you invest, be sure your graphics editing program fits the requirements). Or make your own watercolor textures to use – here’s a video to get you started: How to Create Watercolor Textures in Photoshop.


80s bg blue pink

The 80’s and 90’s are making a comeback in the retro scene. Think cool neon graphics, bright colors, futuristic geometric patterns, metallics and glitter, Day-Glo, black light, spray can graffiti, colored animal prints and cassette tapes. Space and galactic themes are coming in too. Check out 80s Designs on Pinterest and 50 Mind Blowing Retro-Style Photoshop Illustrations for plenty of inspiration.

Flat Design

soda guysoda guy 2

You’ve seen it cropping up everywhere, from websites to software – a minimalist graphic style that’s incredibly modern and appealing called flat design. The important thing to remember about flat design is this: for such a pared down style to be successful, the shopper must immediately grasp the meaning and intent of the image. For more info, check out The Beginner’s Guide to Flat Design and Flat Design on Pinterest.

Now you’ve got some new ideas to play with, so get designing and have fun!

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