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Dash of Inspiration: Get Your Cards Found!

August 24, 2015

DashInspirationBanner_2015How do you increase your card sales? Here are some areas which have proven successful for me and others on GCU, so if you haven’t taken the time to improve your own cards … you’re missing out!

REWORK your old card fronts! In case you didn’t know or have forgotten, GCU has been going through a process since 2012 to review every card on GCU – in every artist’s store – against the Submission Guidelines. This means that cards by the thousands are either being returned for simple modifications such as; border issues, typography, ellipsis, etc or being declined – when you could have saved them before the reviewers ever found them. I’ve found that when I take the time to improve the design on my old cards, they begin selling nearly immediately.

Here are some helpful posts from the past:

Better Designs = More Approvals = More Sales

Face-liftsfor Old Cards

10 Reasons Why Your Photos Might Not Meet Submission Guidelines

METADATA is absolutely critical, more today than ever. GCU has stayed on top of all the changes external search engines have made in how they see and rank content. Keywords are of less importance off-site than unique content. If you do not take the time to make the most out of each Card Title, Keywords and Card Description (Artist’s Notes), then your cards are likely not selling very well. In fact, as I understand it, Google won’t even see any card on GCU without a Card Description which reads yellow or green for the Uniqueness Factor. Therefore, once again, the choice is yours. Do the work, reap the benefits.

These posts offer detailed info which might help on this subject:

Uniqueness & Artist’s Notes & SEO

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

MARKETING does work if you can find what works for you. Any online presence which you create, whether it’s your GCU store, a blog or a social media account require you to add ‘new content’ at least once a week (more frequently is better). If you abandon these accounts for more than a week at a time, they drop significantly and possibly even to the bottom of search engine findings. AND … there is a difference between new content and spamming – the latter being posting product links every few minutes. Selling online requires momentum – more activity and better content means more sales, more sales means increased momentum – it’s a continuous growth pattern of which you make or break depending on your choices.

We have many great Marketing Posts on the Community Blog which can help you.

Remember, it’s all about what you choose to do. If you choose not to improve your old designs, then you need to be okay with GCU doing it for you – even if that means they decline your cards. If you choose not to improve your metadata, then you need to be fine with minimum sales and be happy for other artists who have done the hard work, rather than think they are getting special treatment.

Get out there and get to work 🙂


Don’t forget to check out our Dash of Inspiration Design Challenge!


Doreen Erhardt©

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