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Tips and Tricks: Changing Old Designs

September 4, 2015

Quite often, when we first start designing greeting cards, we don’t know what we’re doing. We try things. We experiment. We create more from the heart than the head. Sometimes, that totally works and you get a classic card straight out of the gate. Other times, not so much.

We know GCU is slowly but surely weeding through older cards and applying their (relatively) new standards. Cards that no longer fit the bill will be declined. But we say, why wait? Surely you know that by going through older cards yourself, tweaking here, making changes there, using a more critical eye, can only increase your chances of making a sale, especially since you’ve got experience under your belt and can apply the new standards yourself.

Here’s an example of why we should be weeding our old cards:

Alda Monteschio received the following message from an unhappy customer –

“I purchased product # 193559 ‘My Heartfelt Prayers’. I loved the sentiment of the words but the printing was way too light in color. On the front of the card the words got lost in the vines & foliage. Inside card words are printed way too small. As I stated, I loved the sentiment, but was unable to use this card because of the printing. Was disappointed. Had to go out to a store and purchase a card.”

The card looked like this:

alda one

This was one of the first designs Alda made for GCU and she’d sold quite a number of them over time. Now being aware of the printing problem (there’s just not enough contrast between the background color and the text color), she quickly revised and updated the design. Here’s the new version:

Much better and a heck of a lot more readable! We’re sure Alda will continue selling this popular card.

When I worked in customer service many years ago, we were taught something that has stuck with me all these years. “For every customer who complains, there are nine others who don’t say a word and just take their business somewhere else.”

Do go back and take a look at older designs. Apply the new standards. Be self critical. By now, you should know if something will print well or not, or if a design has run over the margins, or if the composition is off. Freshen up your cards, do a little spring cleaning, and your sales will soar!

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