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Dash of Inspiration: Tis the Season for Sales!

November 16, 2015

DashInspirationBanner_2015Most of us anticipate great deals for gift giving this time of year, but don’t forget that all your favorite font and scrapbook element sites have huge sales this time of year too! Many have what they call Flash Sales which are only for 24-hours, but you can get some of those kits you’ve been drooling over for more than 50% off!

  • Be sure to create a free ‘log-in’ at all your favorite places to shop for card design elements and fonts, then sign up for their emails. This will give you notice of their sales and you can take advantage of those Flash Sales when they happen.
  • If you have particular designers at these sites you love to buy from, look for their BUY MY STORE offers this time of year! Many of them will sell you access to download their entire store for $25 to $50, thereby receiving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of goodies for your one-time limited download.
  • Don’t get so excited with the great prices that you fail to take the time to FULLY READ and UNDERSTAND the specific designer’s TOU (Terms of Use). CU (Commercial Use) often has limitations, such as; no POD (Print on Demand) use and GCU is a POD.
  • And, remember … GCU no longer allows 3rd Party Creatives to be used as is. You must create something new and unique in order to gain approval, so keep that in mind when you’re browsing.

My Fonts – Special Deals

Here’s hoping you get some great additions to your design arsenal at once-a-year prices!


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