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Nuts and Bolts: Card Submission Pitfalls – Text

February 5, 2016

If you find yourself consistently getting cards Declined or Returned for Edits, we have some tips straight from GCU’s hard working Review Team.

1. Haphazardly Placed Text
“Should be natural and add value to the design, not hide undesirables.” This applies to text placement on a card, which is an important part of overall composition. Don’t bother trying to use lines of text to hide problems with  a photo or try to force the text to awkwardly mesh with an illustration. This does not work.
What To Do: In the case of a photo, if you can’t fix the problem with the photo itself, choose another photo. Always make sure your composition looks good and is balanced overall.
For more on the topic, examples & some tips:
Typography: Text Placement


2. Illegible Text
“Cover text over a busy area.” Remember your card will be seen by a shopper who has no idea what you had in your head when you created the design. So they need to SEE the text in order to read it. If your background’s so busy the text isn’t immediately legible to a casual glance, you’re doing it wrong. Good enough isn’t good enough. Clarity, clarity, clarity! Please choose a font that’s relevant to the design. A formal script font isn’t suitable for a child’s birthday card.
What to Do: Does your composition support a solid ribbon or banner (or frame) that can be positioned on the background to provide a good place for text? Or do you just need a different font?
For more on the topic, examples & some tips:
Typography: Legibility
Typography: Font Choices


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