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Nuts and Bolts: Make the Unexpected Work

March 11, 2016

Nuts & Bolts – Make the Unexpected Work
Creating cards that stand out from the crowd can be challenging.  Especially in a category that is mature and seemingly saturated.  One way is to depart from the typical image or subject matter for a given occasion. This helps add variety for shoppers and serve niches not yet served.  Not all shoppers seek cupcakes and balloons for a birthday or band-aids and stethoscopes for Doctors’ Day.
Designs that depart from the expected and usual are a breath of fresh air!  However the challenge to the artist is to make it work – making a connection between the subject matter and the occasion. This is done with a creative and clever verse and should not be left as an afterthought but as part of the creative process.
The review team will challenge artists to “make it work” – make a connection between image and occasion resulting in cards that offer shoppers appealing alternatives.


Here are some wonderful examples by GCU artists
Ramelle Richardson:
FireShot Screen Capture #563 - 'Happy Doctors' Day, Medical Heartbeat Pulse and Snowy Mountains card' - www_greetingcarduniverse_com_holidays_doctorsday_generaldoctorsday_happy-doctors-day-medical-heartbeat-1417288
Stacia Gorge:

FireShot Screen Capture #564 - 'Congratulations Mother for Keeping Your Graduate on the___ (1091986)' - www_greetingcarduniverse_com_occasions_congratulations_graduation_forparentsofgraduate_congratulations-mother-for-keeping-your-109198

Sun at Night Studios:
FireShot Screen Capture #565 - 'Earned Your Stripes - Happy Boss's Day card (1057329)' - www_greetingcarduniverse_com_holiday-cards_bosss-day-cards_earned-your-stripes-happy-1057329
Read more about how this is applied in the Submission Guidelines, Marketability – Occasion Specific:


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  1. March 12, 2016 4:45 am

    Great examples of a great idea!! Well said!!!

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