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Tips and Tricks: Tutorials

April 27, 2016


Photoshop, GIMP, PSP, Corel Draw—these graphics editing programs and others like them are complex, capable of really great things provided you know how to use them. Rather than single out one trick, we’re listing here some of the sites offering tutorials for you to check out.

If you know any other resources you’d like to share, leave a comment! 🙂

Whether you’re just getting started or an old hand wanting to learn new tricks, this is the place for Adobe Photoshop users.

GIMP Tutorials
You’ll find good stuff here from beginner to advanced instruction.

Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube
If you want some visual aid.

700+ Free Photoshop Tutorials
More tips and tricks than you can shake a stick at!
Plenty of resources here including text to path, making patterns, etc.

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
This learning center offers tutorials through PSP 9 + user forums.

20 Photoshop Elements Tutorials to Try
Some basic techniques you’ll likely need.

Free Tutorials: Photoshop Elements User
Looks like plenty of video tuts and information for artists using Elements.

Corel Draw Tips
Tutorials and more for beginning and advanced users.

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