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Nuts and Bolts: Custom Requests

May 20, 2016

GCU sees a lot of Customer Custom Design Requests that go unanswered by artists. These are the requests that shoppers send to artists for a specific card via the painter’s pallet icon  Inline image 1.  These requests have been confirmed by the shopper which means their validity and rate of conversion (sale) are high.  If you are able to fulfill their request satisfactorily, these shoppers prove to be repeat customers for both you and GCU.
Artists will see these requests by one of two means:


1. Email sent to You


titled for example:
GCU Custom Request #10422 – PID #1374480
or follow up communications from the shopper titled for example:
Message re: Custom Card Request #10454


2. In your Administrative Tools as  Manage Custom Requests


The first steps you should take are to review the request and then decide and let the shopper know if you accept or decline their request.


A few TIPS:
Since there are often email deliver-ability issues it is wise to check the tool periodically to make sure you have not overlooked any requests.


Do NOT “reply” to the custom request emails as these replies go to GCU and not the requesting shopper.  Please use the link in the email that will take you to your Manage Custom Request page and use the Contact Requester link.


Since it can take up to 24 hours for new cards to show up on the site see this trick to send a link to a new card to share with your shopper:


Here are some additional blog postings on Custom Requests:
The difference is made in the details!


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  1. May 20, 2016 7:57 pm

    Unfortunately, it seems to be a two-way street … either the customer doesn’t see the answer to their request, or they simply change their mind and never get back to you. That happens to me a good bit. I usually follow up at least one or two more times to make sure they saw my response, but typically if you don’t hear back in a day or two, you don’t hear back at all. Just my two cents 😉

    Rycky Creations
    Simply Put by Robin

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