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Nuts and Bolts: Be a Pinner

June 3, 2016

Nuts & Bolts – Be a Pinner

Are you on Pinterest?  Most creative types are.  It is so visual, it’s a feast for the eyes! Not only is it a good place to share your creations (greeting cards and more) but a wonderful place to find inspiration – design trends, color palettes, etc.  Don’t be surprised if you get sidetracked and find 101 new ways to eat Nutella or re-tile your bathroom in vintage bottle caps!


Be sure to follow GreetingCardUniverse on Pinterest to see what GCU is pinning – it just might be one of YOUR cards!  You can interact by repinning, liking, commenting, etc.
You’ll notice you can pin a card right from GCU’s product pages. This is a great way for your cards to get shared on Pinterest and get extra exposure – by GCU, by you, by other artists and by shoppers.
See this card for example under the social media “Share” buttons:

Happy Father's Day, from daughter, humor, blue, red,... (1095924) 2016-06-03 20-57-08

Something new, GCU is going to start “Meet our Team” featured GCU Artist boards.  Here’s GCU Community Manager, Mindy’s, Meet our Team: Mindy.  See what makes her tick, what she crushes on, obsesses over and more fun tibdits!

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