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Nuts and Bolts: Wordsmithing for Unique Artist Notes

September 23, 2016


Nuts & Bolts – Wordsmithing for Unique Artist Notes
When creating cards, I find it challenging to create unique Artist Notes.  Particularly with a similar occasion or collection.  You have to get crafty with words and good at wordsmithing.


Here is my advice:
– use synonyms to change words
– consult a thesaurus
– move around the order of words and sentences
– change up the sentiment
– add a new fact, tidbit or image description that makes it unique to the text


Here are a few examples of my Artist Notes for similar cards that I’ve created for Thinking of You >> Away at College >> From the Pet category.  I’ve re-worked the Artist Notes (AN) to achieve a green thumbs up.


Pug – Version 1:
Thinking of your child who has moved away to college? Chances are the family dog is too. Wondering where that special person went that gave them extra attention and companionship. Since no pets are permitted on campuses and in dorms, your student is probably missing the dog too. Send this cute pug card to your student to let them know the dog is wondering where they went, and more importantly, when they’ll be back with a little touch of humor.


Golden Retriever – Version 2:
There’s a void and deafening silence at home when a child moves away to college – everyone misses them, even the family pets! We underestimate the impact on your attention hungry dog who is likely missing the petting, belly scratching, walks and special bond. Your student probably misses the dog too as there are no pets on college campuses or allowed in the dorms. Send this cute golden retriever dog card to your student to let them know the dog misses them too. The eyes say it all!
Black Lab – Version 3:
The family pet is sure to feel the absence of a child moving away to college. Missing the special feedings, walks, fetch and cuddle times. One of the top things college students miss are their pets! With none on campus and not permitted in the dorms this is no surprise. Send this adorable black lab dog patiently balancing a bone treat on his nose and patiently awaiting the students visit home.


Shih Tzu – Version 4:
When a child moves away to college it’s not only the family that misses them. The dog misses them too! Certainly one less belly scratch-er, walker, ball thrower, treat giver in the house affects the dog. Campus dorms don’t allow pets, so your college student is likely missing the companionship of the family pet as well. Let this running black and white Shih Tzu card deliver the message with a touch of lighthearted humor to your student letting them know the dog is thinking of them too.


Essentially I’m saying the same thing four times, just a little differently each time.


See this related post on Artist Notes & Uniqueness Factor.
TIP:  When creating a new card that is similar to another one of my cards I have two windows open.  One window for creating the new card and the other to refer to the other card so I can copy and paste the card title, keywords and Artist Notes fields and then simply modify them on the new card vs starting from scratch each time.



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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