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Nuts and Bolts: Storefront Organization

October 6, 2017

Nuts & Bolts – Storefront Organization


Ever wonder how to arrange the cards in your store?  What’s the best way to catch shoppers’ attention when they visit?  How to keep a fresh and organized look?
There are a few to go about organizing your GCU storefront.


1. PRODUCT GALLERY SORT – Newly approved cards coming into your storefront will be placed at the beginning of your Product Gallery.
To make changes to the order in which cards are displayed in your Product Gallery you can use the Arrange Gallery tool here: Images & Cards >> Arrange Gallery.  Once you have created an artist’s arranged gallery, Artist Choice now becomes your stores default sort.


Here are some good tips on the blog for Arranging your Gallery.
Visiting shoppers can view the Product Gallery by Newest, Most Popular or Artist Choice. The sort that the shopper chooses will follow them as they visit other storefronts.


2. FEATURED PRODUCTS MODULE – Another way you can present your store is by using the optional Featured Products module.  This is a section that can feature up to 25 cards.  The cards you choose to feature here will remain in your Product Gallery.  It doesn’t move them, it simply features them.  You can turn the Featured Products module on / off here: Look & Design >> Store Layout & Content.


You can also move your Featured Products module up or down in your storefront by simply dragging and dropping. I personally think it is best below the welcome message and above the Product Gallery module.


Select cards to feature either by pid# in Images & Cards >> Featured Cards (where you can also drag and drop to order) or indicating yes / no per card for Featured in Manage Cards.


Not sure which cards to feature in your Featured Products module?  Here are a few ideas.
Top Sellers
Sampling of Seasonal Picks
Variety of your favorites or best selling cards


TIP: not sure what the current seasonal occasions are?  Take a peek at the GCU homepage.  We are always updating it with the next Upcoming Holidays & Events.


3. SUB-GALLERIES – GCU used to offer Sub-galleries however they never worked optimally.  Please do NOT use the sub-gallery feature.  If you currently use it, we strongly recommend you delete any sub-galleries you have created here: Images & Cards >> Configure Sub-Galleries.


No matter how you organize your storefront there are two important thing to keep in mind. First, although the majority of shoppers shop via the categories and on site search, they do still click through to storefronts so you should be ready for visitors. Second, your work should be what shines so don’t overdo or over think it. Take a peek at some other artists’ storefronts and see how they are arranging their stores and decide what looks good to you.


The difference is made in the details.

GCU Community Manager


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  1. Julia Bryant permalink
    November 7, 2017 6:33 pm

    I’ve been doing this for how long and didn’t know how to do this 🙂 Just the info I needed. Thanks!

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