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Wanted New Cards: For Babysitter Variations

November 9, 2017

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Wanted Cards – For Babysitter Variations


You can really split hairs and get specific.  At GCU, we take that seriously! To get really personal, a card should be spot on, not just pretty close.


Consider breaking down specific types of relations serving as a babysitter. GCU will be adding the following sub-categories to the >> For Babysitter subcategory:


>> General Babysitter
>> Other Babysitter
>> Au Pair
>> Nanny / Nannie
>> Mother’s Helper

 So, take a look at your Babysitter cards and consider also creating versions for Au Pair, Nanny and Mother’s Helper too.

If the new subcategories do not appear under your category/occasion of choice yet, simply submit to >> For Babysitter and leave a note to the review re: this post.

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