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Nuts and Bolts: Card Finish Default Setting.

November 10, 2017


Nuts & Bolts – Card Finish Default Setting


As the artist you have the control on setting the default Card Finish for each and every card you submit;  matte or glossy.  Please be sure to give it some thought as shoppers trust your judgement.  Shoppers often inquire what the difference is between the finishes and what finish GCU suggests. We typically suggest the finish that the artist has set for the card.


Of course people may simply have a personal preference across the board.  Some of us are glossy fans, and others are matte lovers.


Here are some elements worth consideration when you set the finish:


1. tone and occasion of the card – glossy tends to be showy and modern making it not be well suited for a somber, sad occasion like sympathy or to a vintage or antique design
2. predominant color – if your design is predominantly black these cards unfortunately are susceptible to scratches so glossy is a good choice to “protect” the color
3. glossy does tend to make colors more vibrant but at the same time a bit darker / deeper


On the site GCU advises shoppers:
Matte finish has a traditional and flat finish. It is a good choice for black and white photos and subtly colored images. Glossy finish has a high shine and smooth finish.
It is a good choice to show off rich vibrant colors.
Shopper can change the finish before purchasing, but please note that they do tend to rely on your recommendation.


Tip: See for yourself!  It would be good for you to see a variety of your own cards in the different finishes.  If you have not done already, order a card or two of your own cards each in both finishes and keep for reference.  Note: In Store Pickup (Target / Bartell’s) only prints in 1 finish, semi-gloss, so the default setting is not used in that case. 


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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