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Custom Corner: Choose JOY

January 5, 2018
Nuts & Bolts – Custom Corner:  Choose JOY


With the holidays underbelt GCU Co-Founder and Community Manager, Mindy Rosso-Gaemi, shares her family’s 2017 holiday card created by GCU artist Silvina De Vita.


I admire all of the lovely and creative Christmas cards on GCU pretty much all year long. You’d think that I would have my own card signed, sealed, and delivered come December 1st. Nope. I feel like the cobbler’s children (or wife) who find themselves with no shoes. But I have only myself to blame. I usually wait until the last minute which is when inspiration under pressure seems to kick in.


Still floating on vacation euphoria, having visited Sayulita, Mexico over Thanksgiving break the spirit of the tiny, sleepy but lively surf town became the theme of our card. The pops of color, color, and more color with the papel picado, pom poms, beaded artwork, bright painted buildings, inlaid stone designs and so many more wonderful surprises (don’t get me started on the fish tacos).
While looking for my victim, I mean artist, I contacted both of these GCU artists, Bense Garza and Silvina De Vita, whose designs captured the energy I had in mind.  Ben unfortunately had a family emergency that required him to travel. Thankfully, Silvina was up to the challenge and as of December 1st quickly began working my list of 101 desires into a 5×7 card with little to no time to spare.  Silvina’s GCU store has some darling characters, playful designs as well as Spanish cards which was a plus.
The front of the card took a few small iterations until we both concluded that simple was best (last version):

Our family had an action packed year with landmark birthdays, weddings, filled with special trips, opportunities and people. Feeling pretty darn fortunate and grateful as the year came to a close I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy. Joy for all things that happened in our year – big, little, good, and not so good. This provided fodder for the inside verse on choosing to find Joy. Plus featuring a photo of each family member doing something that brings them joy. I always have a lot to say, much more than what space permits on the inside, so the artist has to be very creative in shoe-horning it in.

For the inside we drew upon personalized papel picado designs like:

See the finished inside below which is a full bleed 10×7 image that I uploaded to the inside of the card just like any shopper can do with an image/photo. I adore the layout, colors and papel picado concept. Looks like I was a busy bee clipping each card with my little scissors!

A big thank you to Silvina for coming to my rescue this year and delighting our friends & family with this colorful design.


Silvina shares this about the design process: 
Mindy contacted me at the beginning of December to start designing a Mexican style Greeting card. We didn’t have much time so I thought it would be a great challenge. As Mindy had recently returned from a trip to Mexico she wanted to add some Mexican icons and drawings to the brilliant family photos that she had picked out. I came up with the idea of using Papel Picado, a kind of Mexican style of bunting. She loved that addition and we continued with that theme on the inside. We created a message like it was a big Papel Picado sheet. This was quite challenging as we had a lot of text to fit in, but it worked out in the end. We kept the front quite clean so as not to distract from the photo. It was great to work with Mindy and I’m very glad she was very happy with the final design.


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  1. January 8, 2018 9:26 pm

    Great work by Silvina, who ironically specializes in paper cutting creations! So this was a digital embodiment of her cutting works. Here is a link to her Etsy store:

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