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Nuts and Bolts: To Verse or not to Verse.

April 4, 2018

To Verse or Not to Verse…

The question is often asked on the Forum. Should I bother putting an inside verse in my card? How well to “blank note cards” and “art cards” sell? Can’t shoppers put their own message in the card and leave me out of it?

The truth is, shoppers on GCU often search for a very specific card, such as “Happy 67th Birthday.” So it is definitely to your benefit to put verse on your cards, inside and out, relevant to the category. Here are a couple of articles that you will find helpful as you design your cards.

Nuts & Bolts: Front of Card Text
Nuts & Bolts: Inside Verse

What about blank cards? What if you prefer not to sully your gorgeous nature photographs with text? That’s your prerogative, of course. And sure, some shoppers prefer to add their own message inside a card. Just make sure you place your cards in the correct Collections category or categories.

Savvy artists will cover all their bases by uploading a design with verse AND a blank card. Since you’re allowed to use the same image 3x, this is the best compromise.

Everyone who designs greeting cards should be capable of producing verses.

So the answer to the original question – to verse or not to verse – is … do both! That way you’ll have twice as many chances to make a sale.




The difference is made in the details!


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