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Nuts and Bolts: Fortifying Meta-data – Gender.

April 20, 2018

Nuts & Bolts – Fortifying Meta-data – Gender
Consider adding additional descriptive terms to your cards’ meta-data to help searching shoppers find EXACTLY what they want. By card meta-data, we mean card title, keywords and Artist’s Notes. Shoppers shop via categories, onsite search and also search terms within category. Sometimes that is not enough especially as GCU grows with more and more cards in each category. We need to offer shoppers ways to narrow down their choices quickly and accurately so they can find the perfect card!


The better and most accurate description you give your card, the best chance of it being found by a shopper. Believe it or not, as specific and refined our categories are sometimes it isn’t granular enough. Think about including terms specific to your card as they relate to: age, gender, tone, style


Here is some food for thought on Gender.


Designs for a general audience (not relationship specific) still speak to a female or a male audience.  Birthday for Her and Birthday for Him are relatively straight forward and have their own sub-category.  It seems a natural practice to specific in these cards’ terms to identify what gender the card is intended for.


Below are some good examples by GCU artist Sharon Dominick Photography:
Here is where it gets a little trick and you have to put your thinking cap on. Consider cards for a gender neutral relationship like Cousin.  If the design is gender specific, have you added the terms to help shoppers find the cards for a male cousin (“male, him”) or female cousin (“female, her”)?  It would help shoppers a lot!


See the 2,122 Birthday cards for Cousin.  At a glance there are clearly some for female cousins and some geared for male cousins.


Below are some good examples by GCU artist Judy Adamson:
Similar to cousin, gender is NOT implied in other relationships like friend, neighbor, boss, babysitter, teacher, co-worker, etc.  Is your design gender neutral?  Or is your design for a female or male?  If the latter, be sure to specify as such in your meta-data.


NOTE: if the design & verse are gender neutral do NOT use both gender descriptive terms in your meta-data (him, her).  That defeats the purpose of helping shoppers narrow their choices with specific search terms. GCU has always emphasized in the review process to submit your card for what it is, not what it could be. 


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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