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Nuts & Bolts: Notes to Reviewer (re-run)

May 18, 2018


Nuts & Bolts – Notes to Reviewer (re-run)
The best way to communicate with the review team re: specific card submissions is via the Notes to Reviewer field.


Here are some helpful links on the Notes to Reviewer field originally posted October 2012
Comments in this field can only be created at the time of card creation and submission and then again only when the card is returned to you for edits at which time we advise you to append your notes so the original notes are preserved.


Returned for Edits cards will contain this reminder:
When you resubmit your card please be sure to append any important notes in the Notes to Reviewer field.  Add your new comments to the end and do NOT remove any prior notes. 


Note: if you’ve missed the opportunity to include an important note with your card submission, it is best to reply to the related card review email.  If your communication has to do with a card that you do not have a card review email for, or your topic is general and not card specific then the best route is to email the card review team at   Be sure to include in your email your artist id number and any relevant product id numbers.


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


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