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Nuts and Bolts: Custom Request Design Change

June 1, 2018

Nuts & Bolts – Custom Request Design Change 
When a shopper wants something the quicker you reply the better, while it’s fresh on their mind and they have a sense of urgency. Your time to respond can make the difference between getting the sale or not.  Strike while the iron is hot! 
We’d like to share a recent example by GCU artisShoaff-Ballanger Studios.   We’re talking breakneck speed here, people!
The shopper’s request came in on May 24th at 5:50pm.  The card was complete and link sent to the shopper on May 24th at 6:45 pm.  The shopper made their purchase on May 24th, at 6:56 pm.
From the shopper:
May I ask for cover to say, “Dearest Friend”?
Original Card:                                             

Resulting Card:

from the shopper:


Hello Jay and Susan,
Your response time was amazing and I am so appreciative. Your prompt response allowed me to add the card (and so beautiful I ordered 2) to my current order and take advantage of the sale which ends today. To be available prior to a holiday weekend – extraordinary! Thank you!  I can’t tell you how very grateful I am to have discovered Greeting Card Universe. Your art becomes beautifully crafted for the customer, packaged beautifully, shipped promptly, and everyone loves them. Shopping for cards and taking my time for each person – family and lovely friends – was one of my delights but due to health changes, I can no longer stand for long periods of time so my ventures to retail stores that offer unique cards are now a rare occurrence. My delight has returned thanks to your creative artistry shared with this website.  Many thanks!

Wow!  Jay and Susan, thank you for taking such good care of the shopper and making all of us at GCU look like superstars!


NOTE: Some good reminders here about custom design change requests.  Here is a look back at some good tips to not miss any shopper requests. 



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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