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Nuts and Bolts: Custom Card Requests: Tips II

June 29, 2018


NUTS & BOLTS – Custom Card Requests: Tips II

We are pleased to bring you a guest post by GCU artist Cisillia Tay of Cisillia Tay Designs:

I always look forward to the Wanted Cards postings because they give me focus and a sense of direction.

For material, I draw on my past experiences with people, places and food. And pets who have come and gone. I let the design form in my head. For the text, I give thought to how my father would have worded it. For the colors, I recall my mother’s sewing basket with all her old fabric remnants, and the pictures I continue to take and store in my mind. You could say a trip down memory lane is how I draw my designs.

When a sketch is done, I like to walk away, grab a coffee, and come back to it. What makes the cutting room floor is fodder for another design. Some requests require a degree of researching which I find interesting, and I have learnt a lot during my time with GCU (internet searches, case studies, books, on the disciplines). Some require care and diplomacy, and where I find I have had to put myself in other’s shoes and ask myself how I would feel. And for some, I run wild and free with the GCU motto ‘any card imaginable’ and trust the review team to rein me in.


I feel the requesting shoppers have more than likely perused the site and not found any card that suited his/her purpose.  If he/she had, it would either have been a sale or a personal request to the artist to modify an existing design.  Because the request is in the ‘public domain’, a fresh design might result in a sale which is why I tend to create brand new designs vs. modifying existing ones.

Through my cards, I like to think I am helping someone convey a greeting to or share an emotion with another person. Reading the many shoppers’ feedback, our artist community has reached many hearts. I am sure many GCU cards have found their way into someone’s keepsake box as I believe souvenirs reside in our hearts. I am privileged to be able to call myself a member of the GCU family. With the guidance of Mindy and her review team, I hope my best designs are yet to come!


My inspiration for the following Wanted Cards:


Wanted Cards Request:

“Get well wishes for someone having glaucoma surgery” 

I love a play on words.  The text carries two meanings: anxiety about surgery will soon be alleviated -vs- surgery correcting the pressure within the eye and preserving eyesight.

Wanted Cards Request:

“Congratulations cards for PhD in Electrical Engineering” 

For a short time, my work involved printed circuit boards and components.  To me, the assembled board looked like an abstract piece of art.




The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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