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Nuts and Bolts: Custom Card Requests: Tips III

July 13, 2018

Nuts & Bolts – Custom Card Requests: Tips III
We are pleased to bring you a guest post by GCU artist Kate Taylor:
I love submitting cards for the ‘Wanted’ cards posting. It’s almost as much fun as a custom card request, a potential customer wants to buy a specific card that doesn’t exist yet and it’s a fun challenge to try and create just what they want. Even if the requesting shopper doesn’t buy the card that I have created, a future customer might.


By giving it a bit of thought it’s often possible to give a new twist to an existing design that I have already created, to satisfy a request for a new card. I tend to feel slightly guilty about this as it obviously doesn’t take as long to re-work an existing idea as it does to draw something from scratch, but experience has taught me that just because I have slaved over an idea for hours it is no more likely to be a sales winner than something that hasn’t taken anywhere nearly as long.


Examples for the following Wanted Cards:


Wanted Cards Request:
“new home congratulations in a southwest desert / cactus like area”
After looking on the internet at images of houses in the southwestern States, and pictures of cacti I decided to customize a very simple house design that I have already used for many card designs in different categories. The house I have drawn still looks like a simple British ‘two up, two down’ (my first house, but not quite as wonky as I have drawn it) but I changed the sky to a deeper blue, changed the house color to a warmer terracotta, and placed pots of  cacti either side of the house.

Wanted Cards Request:
“60th birthday on the Fourth of July”
 Again, I have drawn several card designs featuring  this lady standing on giant a cake. It wasn’t a stretch to change the colors of the clothing and the cake to a more patriotic red ,white and blue for a July 4th birthday.


I love using the bigstock images for ‘Wanted’ cards too. It can sometimes take quite a while to (hopefully) find just what I am looking for and experience has told me it might not always be found by using  the most obvious search keywords.

I have also learned so much from the reviewers that cards often seem like a collaborative effort and I thank them for their continuous help and advice.  Above all, you have to be ‘in it to win it’, so get stuck in, create some cards for the ‘Wanted’ requests and happy drawing!
GCU Note: Smart move by Kate!  Read this related post about leveraging designs on GCU by re-using them up to 3x, creating a like image collection or like Kate has done, adding a twist!


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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