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Wanted New Cards: Loss of Mother during Childbirth

September 13, 2018

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Wanted Cards: Loss of Mother during Childbirth


Surprisingly the maternal mortality rate in the U.S. is quite high. It is a horrible thought but it’s a reality.  Moms die during childbirth for a variety of reasons.  There are instances when the baby survives, and times when the baby does not survive.  Friends and family struggle to find the right words during such a time of profound grief and loss.


Greeting cards with an extra special caring touch will help people find the right words to reach out and extend comfort and concern to those impacted.

Please consider creating cards for the following new categories with all of them having many relation specific subcategories:



Please do some research online about the issues, emotions and desires of bereaved family members during these difficult times.  There are many good resources like this article on maternal mortality and this on dad raising quads.


Please use great care and sensitivity creating these cards.  The reviewers will be accomodating on verses and not require them to be so literal as long as they speak to the occasion, sentiment and relation accordingly.



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