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Wanted New Cards: Congratulations Head Pupil

September 20, 2018

wanted new cards head

Wanted Cards – Congratulations Head Pupil


Accolades and special recognition at school are reasons to celebrate!  In some schools, students are voted or appointed as Head Boy or Head Girl sometimes genericized to Head Pupil. Any important role representing the student body, acting role models, and a link between teachers, administration and pupils.  Similar to class presidents in the U.S., these are elementary, middle and high schools aged students.


See here for related information.

Please consider creating cards for this new category for all 3 which will all reside in the same catchall category:
Occasions >> Congratulations >> Student Leadership Position >> Head Pupil / Head Boy / Head Girl


Please note there are other titles in the parent category in need of cards like Student Body President, Form, House, and School Captain.


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