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Wanted New Cards: Anniversary & Congratulations Reunited / Reunion

January 31, 2019

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Wanted Cards – Anniversary & Congratulations Reunited / Reunion 


With the skyrocketing popularity of at-home genealogy and ancestry DNA testing from the likes of AncestryDNA, 23 and Me, and others, more people than ever before are identifying and reuniting with newly discovered and long lost family members.


Please keep in mind that not all of these reunions are not all sunshine and rainbows. There are often mixed emotions, unpleasant surprises and disappointing discoveries. Consider creating cards that address both sides of the spectrum.


Please consider making cards for this category:
>> General
>> Other
and the many relationship specific subcategories.

Additionally for reunion anniversary category with relationship and year specific subcategories:
Occasions >> Anniversary – Reunited / Reunion

Note: there are reasons other than adoptions for reunions and reuniting to be addressed like estrangement, lost touch, etc.

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