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Nuts and Bolts: Extra Blank Lines in Inside Verse.

May 17, 2019

Nuts & Bolts – Extra Blank Lines in Inside Verse


If you’ve ever been asked by the review team to “remove the blank spaces from your inside verse”, you were likely confused.  You’re thinking, what the heck?  I don’t see anything.  Well, they are blank lines that is why you don’t see them but they are there!


Here is what it’s all about:
Sometimes if you have copied and pasted a verse from a different source (i.e: your notepad, word processing document, a prior card of yours, etc.) it has extra blank lines, or as us old school typists call them, carriage returns. Or you may have added blank lines before or after your verse in an effort to manually align your verse. This is discouraged as it can negatively affect the shoppers ability to add anything else to the inside text.


The review team’s request for edits will read:
Please DELETE your inside verse and all additional blank lines, and re-enter WITHOUT any additional spaces before or after your text. Use the alignment tools to adjust where your verse sits within the space rather than adding blank lines to align the verse to the top, bottom or center of the area.  Adding extra spaces create a lot of unnecessary space showing beneath the inside verse that will negatively affect the shoppers ability to add anything else to the inside text.  


This is the Inside Verse preview that the review team sees:

One way you can identify this for yourself is when in the text area if you click your cursor in the body of the text area and it sits on a blank line above or below the line(s) of text then that is an extra blank line that needs to be removed. This can easily done by using the backspace key, as many times as needed.

Example here noting cursor position several blank lines below the inside verse text:

and here one extra blank line above the inside verse text:

If all blank lines are removed the cursor will only be able to reside on or within the line(s) of inside verse text:




The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


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