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Inspiration Station: Bible Inspiration.

November 5, 2019


Inspiration Station: Bible Inspiration (originally posted in 2015).

Many categories lend themselves to religious cards with Bible verses such as Get Well, Congratulations, Sympathy and others. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Pinterest – a fantastic resource. One caveat you should heed: not all Bible translations are in the public domain. Some are copyrighted. If you find a verse you like, be sure you use a non-copyrighted version of the Bible (such as the King James) in your designs. Use your own judgment as to which verse will be most appropriate and relevant for your intentions.

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Here are some links where you can get inspired:

Bible Verses for Girls

Encouraging Bible Verses

Bible Verses for Tough Times

Bible Verses Collection

Elsewhere on the Internet, you’ll find other sites of interest.

25 Bible Verses to Give You Peace

Health Bible Verses

18 Bible Verses for Sympathy Cards

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