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Nuts and Bolts: Dedicate yourself to the Details.

November 15, 2019

Nuts & Bolts – Dedicate yourself to the Details


Dedicate yourself to the details.  Strive for quality.  Create a design and work it a few different ways to see what looks best.  The same goes for a verse.  Let the words flow and take it a few different ways, then boil it down to one that resonates best with the image and occasion.

As GCU continues with the sitewide re-evaluations announced back in 2012, don’t despair when you have older cards that get declined.  Often the reviewer will return the card for edits, or if declined and you feel it’s a strong selling card you can send an email summarizing top sellers that you’d like reconsidered for reinstatement. Note: Strong sales = substantial, recent, frequent and relevant 

If you have the opportunity to edit an older card that is returned to you or up for reinstatement after being declined, go for it!


Here is a wonderful example of a re-worked card by artist Cori Solomon of Cori’s Pawtraits:


Original Image:



Reviewer’s request after card declined for these reasons:


IMAGE QUALITY – Lighting,   IMAGE QUALITY – Color / Contrast,  COMPOSITION – Professionalism 
Thank you for your edits, the image color and clarity is improved however unfortunately the placement is less than ideal. If you are able to adjust the image and include all of the ears (avoiding them being cropped) in the design we would be happy to re-review. Unfortunately changing the orientation of the image would not work, vertical actually serves this image best. it is the cropping of the ears that is the issue.  Thank you for your understanding.
Artist’s Reply:
I will create the top of the ears.  That will not be a problem.  The original drawing is created with the cropped ears.  Let me see what I can do and we can go from there.    


New Image:


Cori worked her magic and completed this handsome shepherd, ears and all to be approved. Thank you, Cori, for your patience and handy work!


The difference is made in the details!



GCU Community Manager
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