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Wanted New Cards: Valentine’s Day Tea Party Invitation.

December 5, 2019

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Wanted Cards – Valentine’s Day Tea Party Invitation


There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day.  One popular way is a Valentine’s Day Tea party.  These are typically for little girls however consider all ages and genders.


Please consider creating cards for this event.  These cards will go here:
Create at least one card for these categories using the Stock Cards function (Bigstock) or your own graphic designs.  To expedite the review of these cards, please check Fast Track Review on the card image details page when you create your card and add a Note for Reviewers like “for Blog – Wanted Cards”. For standard front designs, consider using Stock Card Creations to create new cards quickly. These cards are automatically set for expedited review so no need to Fast Track.


NOTE this read regarding Invitation Inside Text tips.
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