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Nuts and Bolts: Review Times & Submission Details.

April 24, 2020

Nuts & Bolts – Review Times & Submission Details


It is wonderful to see artists creating new cards.  Especially artists that have not submitted in quite a while.  GCU is very appreciative and we hope you are enjoying making creative and productive use of your sheltered-in-place situations.


Submissions are up! This means more submissions for the review team.  First, we are so thankful to have our review team members working from home per usual and pretty much not missing a beat.  Can you say GRATEFUL?  We do every day!


We’re all a little off our game and struggling to find a new norm.  GCU is noticing both artists and reviewers making more than usual oversights and errors.


Due to the increased number of submissions and increase in errors the review times have increased slightly from 2 – 5 days days to 5-10 days.  You can check the Reviewing Cards Submitted on: date on your Admin page.


We’d like to request you to refortify your attention to the basics and details. One thing most of us have in abundance right now is time. Please take that extra time  to scan the details before clicking submit. Perhaps print out the Card Submission 101 document again and post it in your workspace.


In particular:


For example:
Incorrect Title:  cute green cat in a box birthday for cat lover
Correct Title:  Birthday for Cat Lover a Cute Green Cat in a Box


4. Avoid / Remove Extra Blank Lines above and below inside verse


Issues with the above will result in a Return for Edits which means more work for you, for the reviewer, and slower review times for everyone.


There is a general feeling of panic (especially after watching the news). Don’t let that get to you. No need to rush. Enjoy your creating and submission process.  Looks like we’re going to be in this predicament for a while so we might as well get comfortable.



Thank you for your attention, submissions, and be well!


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


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