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Nuts and Bolts: 2Q Earnings & Free Card Adjustment.

July 3, 2020



Nuts & Bolts – 2Q Earnings & Free Card Adjustment
YOWZA … it was quite a dramatic quarter as far as world happenings and the impact to social and professional lives. GCU is overwhelmingly GRATEFUL to have the ability to continue operating with our HQ staff, card review team, artist community, printing partners, and mail delivery personnel. The icing on the cake was significant growth in 2Q sales. This was a serendipitous GIFT!


We are elated to be paying one of our artist’s an applause worthy quarterly commission of over $20,000!  Plus paying 20% more artists than last quarter which means 20% more artists met their minimum payout mark. And 50% more artists met the quarterly threshold bumping them up to premium earnings.  All good news!


GCU has never been so pleased to process our artists’ earnings than 2Q 2020!  See 2Q2020 Pay Day.


GCU has adjusted artists’ earnings on single card orders where the promotions were redeemed (STAYHOME or similar) that resulted in 0 earnings. The artists’ commissions for these transactions have been updated from 0 to 10 cents. This is reflected in your Earnings Report and reflecting in your 2Q earnings. As we continue these promotions, we will continue to adjust earnings at the end of the pay period. 


We are seeing the sales growth begin to flatten but are confident that many shoppers new to GCU will be staying with GCU and will spread the word. Read what they are saying! We are swamped daily with glowing testimonials and happy shoppers!


“Having the ability to personalize my cards and do this all from home has been immense!!! Thank you, for providing such excellent service. Thank the artists also for their inspirational designs.” 
“I absolutely love all the cards I’ve bought at Greeting Card Universe. High quality, great designs, speedy delivery. This is now my go to place for all the greeting cards I buy. I’m so glad I discovered it!”
“I’m so happy that I discovered Greeting Card Universe! Their prices are right and you can shop right online for amazing cards! Thank you. Also, my order is always right.”
“We are very pleased with the quality and price of the product we purchased as well as the quick delivery. We definitely will use your service the next time we are in need of it. Thank you for being there exactly when we needed you. Our grandson will receive his Eagle Scout award next month.”
” I love, love these cards! I will never shop for cards elsewhere”
Thank YOU for your creative contributions helping shoppers send well wishes, find some levity, send birthday and holiday greetings from afar, commiserate & CONNECT.  Thank YOU for delighting our shoppers and helping them get through these challenge times.  

The difference is made by people like YOU!

GCU Community Manager


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  1. July 3, 2020 6:04 pm

    This is such exciting news! Congratulations to the artist with those awesome earnings!
    Thank you, Mindy and your entire team for making it possible for us to have a place that is just like home, a place for our designs, and all of your hard work to help us succeed!
    Happy 4th, too!

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