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Wanted New Cards: Nursing Home / Assisted Living / Retirement Community Variations.

July 16, 2020

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Wanted Cards – Nursing Home / Assisted Living / Retirement Community Variations


There are many staged changes in aging and living conditions, based on factors like health, mobility, and often finances.


We are looking for more variations in this category to address a broader spectrum of situations. Here is the original Retirement Community Wanted Cards request on the forum.


Occasions >> Congratulations >> New Home >> Nursing Home / Assisted Living / Retirement Community:


Consider cards for specific relations other than Parent / Parents.  These cards will go in the >> Relationship Specific catch-all (consider custom front allowing the shopper to change the relationship to fit their needs).


Also designs that are specific to a “retirement community” as well as cards addressing a more modern term with less stigma may be Skilled Nursing Care vs Nursing Home.  Consider a variation of terms.


Please put thought and care to these submissions as it can be a difficult and emotional transition for many seniors.


Here are some helpful articles:
5 Tips for Reducing a Senior’s Anxiety about Moving
Emotions of Senior Downsizing


To expedite the review of these cards, please check Fast Track Review on the card image details page when you create your card and add a Note for Reviewers like “for BLOG– Wanted Cards”.

For standard front designs, consider using Stock Card Creations to create new cards quickly. These cards are automatically set for expedited review so no need to Fast Track.




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