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Wanted New Cards: Greek Rush/Recruitment.

August 27, 2020

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Wanted Cards – Greek Rush / Recruitment 
One of many decisions and new experiences for college students is Greek life.  Choosing to participate in recruitment is a big decision and can be an exciting, long, and sometimes unnerving process. Will they get a bid from their preferred fraternity or sorority?  Will they get a bid at all?  Even with distance learning and closed campuses this process, albeit virtual, is still under way at many colleges.


These categories are in need of cards:


>> General
>> Fraternity Rush / Recruitment
>> Sorority Rush / Recruitment
>> Other

Important to note that the panhellenic organization / chapter letters, mascots, crests, and nicknames are trademark protected and cannot be used on commercial products without the proper license. An important related readThe Business of Greek Life.

We’d like you to create at least one card for these categories using the Stock Cards function or your own graphic designs.

Remember, when you’re submitting your new card, add a little note about the intended category in your Notes to Reviewers. Be inventive, be clever, be creative. Go for it!



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