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Nuts and Bolts: Card Title – NO Punctuation.

August 28, 2020


Nuts & Bolts – Card Title – NO Punctuation
To avoid a delay in the review of your card(s) and to avoid shoppers not finding your cards thus not buying your cards – please do not use any punctuation marks in your card title like but not limited to – , . * ! ; etc.   


The card review team will start returning cards that have punctuation in the card title with a note like:
Please remove the punctuation from your card title as it is not needed and may actually hinder search engine data


What are the key makings of an effective card title?
1. Descriptive
2. Unique
3. Differentiating terms first, especially when part of a series
4. Does NOT need the word “card” in it as GCU appends that automatically
5. Does NOT need punctuation like commas or periods
6. Proper capitalization use of upper & lower case
7. Reads like a sentence or short phrase, not “word soup” (a list of terms)

Please see these prior posts on Card TitlesThe Art of the Card Title,  Card Title Punctuation.


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


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